Flash Fiction: The Homeless Man

A young man, Gio roams around New York City interviewing people about their personal life and judgement towards controversial issues. He is works for a small time magazine company that doesn’t pay much. One morning, Gio walks into a coffee shop and orders a Mocha Frappuccino to start his day. He says thank you and walks out. He notices a man sitting in front of the building with his head facing towards the ground. He has wore out clothing. Gio first instinct was most homeless people beg for money. He sees by the mans knees and there was three drinks that seemed to be untouched. Gio gets an idea and wants to try something new. He decides to interview the gentleman.

Good morning sir. My name is Giovanni Nunez and I was hoping to get a consent for an interview with you?

The man looks up at Giovanni. Rolls his eyes and goes back to the form he was at from the beginning.

Sir? I understand and I’m sorry to have bothered you. Have a blessed day.

Giovanni begins to walk away until the man mumbles something.

Yes sir? Did you say something to me?

I don’t get interviews much from people. Well, my story is a bit contrasting than most dispossessed people you probably encountered. My occupation was a medical doctor for 29 years. The only regret having is not saving a person’s life. I blamed myself for failing. I didn’t stop and tried to create a cure that takes years to develop, but as life as we know it we can’t save everyone. Life is unfair and that is how the world plays.

Gio looks confused as he writes the man’s words on his wore out notepad. He doesn’t believe him and figures he is making his story up.

Sir, if you were a medical doctor? What happened?

Well, I worked with a lot of cancer patients and my wife was one of them. I did all I could to save her. I sold my house, cars, real estate, and invest all our savings to her treatment.

Gio stops him.

Did she make it?

A tear sheds from his eye.

No son. She didn’t. All I can tell you is that money can buy luxury goods, trips, memories, and things, but can’t buy life. No matter how wealthy you are, money can not buy life.

Giovanni heart sinks in and feels a pain of sorrow in his conscious. He looks at the man and sheds a tear as well.

An interview that will stay with him forever. He now sees life in a whole new perspective. A man who didn’t care about living anymore. A man that gave up everything to save a life.

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2021

Flash Fiction Submission Fail

This is a short blog that, after submitting multiple flash fiction stories to magazines, denied me and stated that they are not interested in my work. I get it that I am not the best writer, but I should do have an enormous imagination. When I write stories, they are stories from my imagination. In my mind, I think my stories are somewhat okay, but when it comes to a huge corporation, they do not seem interested. I was wondering what do I have to do in order to make that pop in their magazines? Is it grammar? Format? Sense? I do not know…to be honest. It is hard to get published, and all of my stories got denied. The way I look at it is to look at J.K. Rowling; she got denied Harry Potter Series, and NOW it is worth BILLIONS! Make your dreams happen.

© Daniel Sanchez 2021

Does School Burn Your Brain?

As going on almost ~5 years of getting my AA, BA, and now getting a MA school has made me a little bit stressed. Every day I wake up, go to work, come home to try and relax, but I can’t because there is a fear that haunts me…MY COMPUTER! Every time I want to spend a day of relaxation, I cannot because I think about all the assignments due at the end of every week. Oh yeah, I only have three weeks off of school, which is in July and December. When I emailed my advisor telling me when my next class was showing up on my Blackboard, she instantly emailed me back, stating that classes begin next week, which made me realize that I forgot we had three breaks during the year. Is school hard, you must say? YES! and no? This is because of the workload put on my shoulder. There are Bills, Rent, Utilities, etc. (I do not own a credit card because of Dave Ramsey. Thank You! But I do have a car payment. Sorry, Dave.) It is easier said than done. The stressful part about it is there is no freedom in your life when you are going to school. I, however, have assignments due at the moment, but I would instead write a quick blog about it. So the question is does school burn your brain. I do not know because all I did was learn about new concepts and tension in my head. My advice to newbies that want to go to school is to REDUCE your workload. You will eventually finish. Slow and steady wins the race.

© Daniel Sanchez 2021


Flash Fiction: Safe or Crime?

January 2020, a man wearing a black mask walks into a bank and greets everyone as if he knew them personally. The tellers’ shout in terror, and the people panic at his unlawful act. He is confused and irritated while looking at his phone of the miscalled from his young daughter. A teller takes out a load of money and tosses it at him. The man looks around, wondering what is going on. Have they gone mad? Security Officer returning from his lunch walks into the bank and sees the crowd on the floor in fear. He sees the money on the floor and quickly draws his weapon, and shouts. FREEZE! PUT YOUR HANDS UP! The man puts his phone in his pocket. BAM! BAM! BAM! He drops down to his knees and falls. A man who already knew about a deadly virus circulating around the world was protecting himself and everyone around him.

© Daniel Sanchez 2021

Flash Fiction: Happy New Years


Matthew Conrad is hoping for a new year, and the world is in a pandemic. It is December 31, 2020, and the globe is highly infected with a disease that has put a halt to everyday life. A man at a casual banquet is intoxicated with the stench of whiskey and recreational drugs. Matthew is over with the year 2020, which he ruined many people’s career and mental state. He walks around talking to the people acting as if he knew them personally. They shove and elbow Matthew because of his obnoxious behavior. He continues, and a man confronts Matthew. Matthew giggles and chuckles and plays it off as a fool. He walks away and sits down, fighting his sleep to stay awake. A woman shouts that there are ten seconds till the new year begins. Matthew falls asleep while the crowd counts down.


Thirty minutes swing by…

Matthew opens one eye, glimpses at the people dancing and taking shots. He sighs and feels a little sober from the nap. Matthew rises and approaches a woman to tell her happy new year. Happy New Year 2021! She giggles and smirks at him. You mean 2020, honey! Matthew laughs and ignores her response. He figured maybe she is too intoxicated to function. Matthew approaches two more people, and they say the same thing the first woman said. He gets anxious and snaps out of his buzz. A woman shouts There are ten seconds till the New Year! Wooh! Wooh! 2020!  Matthew heard the sentence loud and clear, so he wrecks the party and warns the people that there will be a deadly virus that will put a halt to humanity. He explains the events that will happen each month and how the world is going to change. He does not want to repeat his experiences with the people he destroyed. The listeners watch and roar with laughter. Matthew becomes an insane individual, as if he belonged in an asylum. He grabs people and gets in their faces weeping in tears to believe him. They become weary of him and toss him outside to the curb. One man looks down at him. Get out of here! Matthew looks up to them and sobs. He has entered his own time loop where he repeats his life to suffer with the people he ruined.

©️ Daniel Sanchez 2021

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